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Test Pressing


Deep Dean is a man of mystery. An enigma, a riddle, a conundrum, a puzzle.

Or, more prosaically, it’s a pseudonym of a well known, much loved Australian producer. These tracks were born out of a shared love for ‘cheap 90s house records’ and arrived basically fully formed in pitch perfect variations. We get the show-stopping summer smash original mix with the dreamy, big bouncy bass line money shot. The Italian leaning piano version with its, wait for it, lush piano line. A gritty, in the red, basement dub and new beat referencing ‘The Awakening’. All are peppered with well-worn vocal samples for the instant nostalgia hit…. missing dance floors you’ve never known, sunrises you never shared.

The simplicity of these genre pieces bely the proficiency of the production. It takes a very dab hand to take on these hackneyed signifiers and come up without the slightest whiff of pastiche, cliché or irony. Our eyes are still bright. The message is simple but always true. Never stop believing.

Deep Dean’s Ocean Groove EP is out July 9th on Mysticisms


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