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Test Pressing


It would be easy to draw comparisons between Ground’s LP for ESP Institute and the CLASSIC Cos/Mes full-length that help open the label’s account way back when. Both are obsessively detailed works, deeply organic but loop based, psychedelic and hypnotic. Stepping away from the more dancefloor focused cuts of late, this is more of a trip for the mind for sure. The sound design at work here is really something else…. rich and fully immersive. Get those headphones on and prepare for quite the ride….

Tracks like ‘Hanasai’ start with an earthy sound palette before the natural becomes increasingly twisted and weird, jarring juxtapositions, cuts, left turns. Voices glitch into polyrhythms, things get increasingly micro and claustrophobic – these aren’t your regular chuggers (thank FUCK), there is a LOT going on here and the deepest of listening in full is a definite requirement.

Things reach a peak with ‘Koot Works’ where musique concréte meets an abstract dancehall groove. Swirling in on itself over and over, constantly on the cusp on imploding yet somehow held together by its own innate funk. A demented balance of discordance and harmony, somehow ending up with pastoral melodies, a million miles from where it started… whut, how, when?

This is heady, highwire, virtuoso stuff from the Institute and worthy of your fullest attentions. Check it.

‘Sunizm’ by Ground is out on ESP Institute on the 13th July 2018



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