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Test Pressing


Berceuse Heroique is a label where the output is a very clear expression of where the owner’s mind is at. I’d count it alongside LIES and TTT as one of those labels where I know I’m not going to buy every release but I know each one will be interesting and always merit a listen. Boring – never. From dubstep care of Loefa, the ‘post-step’ techno vibes of Hodge, complicated African influenced polyrhythms of Don’t DJ, INSANE bruk classic reissue Cousin Cockroach and the deeeeeep dub vibes from Jay Glass Dubs – this is all vital, heartfelt music.

As such we’re super excited to present this exclusive mix from label boss KEMAΛ. He’s dug deep into the 90s dancehall crates here – nuff track IDs needed from this one!


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