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Test Pressing


The credible summer big choon often feels a thing of yesteryear…. until POW! new Mood Hut alert. This record makes me want to consume dubious substances on a foreign beach at sundown and forget my four and a bit long-ass decades on this planet. The A-side ‘Dancer’ is a laser guided dance floor bomb. IMMACULATE production – the bassline sounds like you’re humming to yourself in your head. Melancholic and euphoric in the correct ratio, this is 100% guaranteed to do the business.

On the b-side it feels like we’re back in Idjut late 90s territory. The tempo is a little higher, the vibe a little edgier and the dubbing to the front and centre. Wicked wicked release. Both sides. Full support. Tip. Downloaded for Piers Harrison.

Dancer by Local Artist is out on Mood Hut on 20th August

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