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Noise In My Head / Up, Up & Away

Michael Kucyk, Noise In My Head, End Of An Era

Sad to see Michael Kucyk has decided to hang up his boots at the Noise In My Head show after years of quality broadcasting. As he says, “with the uprising of online radio, video streams and mix series, it feels like this mission is in more than capable hands.” On the last remaining shows he says, “The final 10 shows, scheduled fortnightly from 03 July to 13 November, will involve a few special guests who have eluded us all this time, as well as those who have had an unmistakable impact on the Noise In My Head journey. I hope you can tune in, starting today with BubbleTease Communications recording artist, Melbourne mainstay and our teachers’ teacher J’Nett.”

All episodes of the Noise In My Head show (here’s mine from way back when) are going to be archived as and he’ll basically get loads more time to put into Efficient Space and thus bring us more records like the ace Waak Waak Djungi. You can also head to Spotify if that’s your thing (it is mine) and listen to the whole Efficient Space catalogue and a playlist named Office Space which as he says is “a 15 hour living room odyssey”. Big up Michael and salute. Out on a high.

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