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Test Pressing


Andi Hanley is somewhat of low-key legend, actively avoiding the spotlight, doing his own thing in a downbeat, humble fashion. He escaped from Manchester to NYC and found himself as the opening DJ at Body & SOUL, was one of two buyers at Dub Sport records in the East Village (the other being David Mancuso, you might have heard of him…) and was the music consultant at Rockstar Games for many years. All stuff to shout about…. unless you’re Andi, in which case… nah.

Now back in the UK and in a similar manner he’s quietly reworked some of the highlights of Phil Cooper‘s NuNorthern Soul label. This is unfussy, classy, unhurried stuff, he’s stripped the tracks back to their bones, subtly dubbed them out and allowed the stella musicianship, from the likes of BJ Smith, Rob Lee (Faze Action), Rags Nordset and Ryo Kawasaki to shine. It’s chilled, headnodding stuff for sure with my personal favourite being  BJ Smith’s cover version of the Mos Def classic Umi Says.

Perfect summer listening from a man who eschews the spotlight as much as he does daylight, and available now on Bandcamp

P.S If you do get the chance to hear Andi DJ make sure you don’t miss him, he really is superb

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