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It is possible to have a crush on a record label? <sigh> I wonder what Antinote Recordings is thinking about right now? As the digital promo for River Yara dropped into my inbox I found myself thinking that this one is probably going to be a let down. Generally a labels purple patch is interrupted by a dud or two despite everyone’s best intentions.

But no. River Yarra is, I think, my favourite of the label’s output to date. And it’s an amazingly confident, breezy release given it is a debut from a young Australian producer (something in the water over there right now, hey). As with the last couple of Antinote records the tropes are well worn but their execution lifts it way above the crowd. There’s a sticky, mechanical funkiness at play here that works nicely alongside the faux organic sound palette.

Had the other two BASTARDS invited me to Croatia [We went to DJ at a festival and couldn’t fit Piers in our suitcase – Ed] I would have dearly loved to play ‘Sil Ggogg’ to the nodding, blissed-out early morning olive grove massive. ‘Aorsom Wislhs’ aims itself more squarely at the dancefloor – the bassline would have sounded great kicking in as the sun set over the beach bar. WANKERS. Once again, in the coolest possible sense, this is hooky stuff.

Hopefully the next release will be a bit worse so I can avoid gushing reviews, social media stalking, teary declarations of love and finally a restraining order.

River Yarra is out soon on Antinote Recordings.

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