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Of all the redundant formats to fetishise I suppose the lonely unloved CD eventually had to have its day in the sun. Compact Wrecks from the ever reliable Klasse Wrecks stable (seriously, check the recent Mr Ho release, best new record of the year so far for me) is a CD ONLY compilation of label artists, affiliates and friends. And despite the nagging thought that I would really like to possess some of these on wax, it is very fine stuff indeed.

As you’d expect it is very heavy on the breaks, bleeps, subs and samples. Maybe the CD only format has given the artists a little more free reign to run with their nuttier, more playful ideas.  Fett Burger (here as the contractually stipulated Fett Birger) comes with the breakbeat powered ‘Acid V.IIbe’. Over just under 4 minutes it squelches and modulates loopily, sounding like it was as much fun to make as it is to listen to. These tracks haven’t been agonised over, you feel.

Your Planet is Next dive deeper into the same mayhem. Speak and spell vocals, perky beeps, well worn samples – super fun stuff. Test Pressing friend and rave casualty Alphonse comes with the compilation’s deepest, and potentially finest, cut. Speedy aquatic trance and yet there’s space for a daft vocal and the rushing breaks creep in toward the end.

Dawl from the red hot Tone Dropout label lays us out with a direct, no-nonsense banger. Razor sharp production and arrangement. As straightforward as being punched in the face but a good deal more pleasurable. Overall the feel is like listening to a Warriors Dance LP or something – well worth investing in regardless of format.

Compact Wrecks is out now on Klasse Wrecks


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