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Test Pressing


The first Weird Weather EP was a long time in gestation, so they say. However, in some kind of reverse creative block scenario the second missive has followed quickly on its heels, this time on Brian Not Brian and Salik‘s Going Good label. We are in the same territory still – this isn’t a massive departure but more a self-assured and confident reassertion of the ground covered in the first EP. A slightly claustrophobic, post-punk, dub infused mutation of the house music gene.

Kicking off with the titular cut ‘Leather Chair’ (is this the SPECIAL studio chair.. who knows) the mood is relatively ‘up’ with bright synths and a driving bassline carrying us to ‘Private Investigator’. Here the detuned chimes introduce an edgy note…. I don’t like the look of those clouds…. Next up is ‘Water Loop’ and we’re in full-bore, squirrel eyed paranoia mode. But I LIKE it! ‘Salem’s Yacht’ is as chilled as a voyage on such-named vessel is ever going to be.

Really, really superb stuff from the Weird Weather guys that leaves us hoping the next instalment we be along sooner rather than later. 10/10. This the Test Pressing PICK OF THE WEEK!

Weird Weather’s Leather Chair EP is out soon on Going Good Records

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