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Test Pressing

God Bless The Queen Of Soul

Aretha Franklin, God Bless.

Well there goes one of the greatest voices that ever existed. Aretha Franklin has passed away aged 76. A ridiculously soulful voice, an incredible piano player, a believer and activist when it came to civil rights and just a straight up pure gold talent.

She is someone who has very much soundtracked my life. My loves, work and just life in general. I worked for this amazing music guy, Andy McDonald of Go! Discs for a few weeks one summer, and the first day he come in, asked for his cup of tea with two tea bags and played ‘I Say A Little Prayer’ at full volume then ask what was on for the day. I was sold on him from the off. It’s nice here. It was the best start to any working day I’ve ever had.

Anyway, you know the catalogue and if you don’t luck you as its music from the heart. God bless her. Here’s some favourites. Press play. x.

And if you want to hear how great she is on the piano try this. Pure gold. x.

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