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Test Pressing


Super-excited to be playing Belfast this Saturday night at the many storied venue The Menagerie for the Belfast Music Club guys. Mark had this to say about the club –

“First it was a paint warehouse, though its more like an abandoned shed. Then it was run by a mad punk and they had all sorts of bonkers gigs in it of all sorts of styles. Then it got closed down after police apparently found a big stash of IRA weapons under the stage. Also one St Patricks Day there was a car bomb left out the front of it when Shane MacGowan was meant to perform in it that night. Neither of those things were long ago either. Then after it was closed for ages David Holmes bought it and just reopened it almost exactly as it was from when the doors were closed, with some inspiration taken from Le Fanfaron in Paris. it’s been a film and TV location for loads of things too. Looks like an abandoned shed that sites on a what seems like an abandoned bit of wasteland.”

Sounds mega!

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