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Test Pressing


It’s quite hard to even objectively listen to Chris Rea’s ‘Josephine’ but I think this cover version allows you to stand back a bit and say, “yeah, this is a fucking great song”. Delivered with enough conviction to not slide over the line into pastiche but with a suitably deadpan vibe for the ’18. This take glides on CR-78 drums, balearic indie pop cruising, a little wistful for the summer just gone and will surely sound great for years to come.

Munich’s The Nice Nice have done nice nice work here, pulling a similar trick to Strand of Oaks in taking on a formidable all time classic and coming out smiling – a clever trick. This is the flip side to their inaugural outing, a cassette single (!) with a similarly lush and heady take on the Alessi Brothers’ ‘Seabird’ on th’other. The whole thing is immaculately packaged and produced to boot.

The Nice Nice versions of ‘Seabird’ and ‘Josephine’ will be available in VERY LIMITED numbers on their Bandcamp page from 17th September 

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