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Test Pressing


New release fatigue instantly relieved by unexpected missive from one Powder. Thinner Groove being her new label and a way of sharing her friend’s music with the wider world. The first release comes from 5ive one half of Cos/Mes, owner of tripped out modern library referencing label Snaker, collaborator with Samo DJ and with Chida as Mascaras. And this is his first solo record.

In a world where you can generally take an educated guess at what a new release is going to sound like and be 90% accurate, this comes as a welcome surprise. 5ive has produced 4 very varying cuts, all however sharing a psychedelic sensibility, meticulous and subtle production and no-doubt an extremely deft hand with the samples and field recordings.

‘Planet Be’ is the titular track and probably the most conventionally structured albeit maybe not the most immediate. Loop based and percussive it stealthily draws the listener in. Hypnotic and phasing for those deeeeeep dancefloor moments, lost in the haze.

‘Almost Heaven’ rides on the ticking of a clock. This time the mood is more euphoric with discombobulated voices and field recordings working their way in and out of the endless main loop. As Powder says ‘a cinematic beat floater’. One to lose yourself in.

‘Contrast’ is a, errr, contrast. Starting with an oriental vibe before pitching into deep digital basso voice and rushing drums. A song of two halves.

Finally we have ‘Entropy’ which I think is my favourite. Here the mood is sweeter and more pastoral. The main loop heavily reverbed, pulsing and building. The volume unexpectedly rising to even a slightly uncomfortable level, keeping you slightly on edge.

Wonderful undefinable tripped out music from a real studio original. Already excited to hear what fast rising super-star DJ / producer Powder has in line for us next. TIP!


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