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Test Pressing


‘Amerikan Dread’ was one of those mouthwatering ‘what the blazes is this?!’ dead-stock pieces of wax that the vinyl wizards at Red Light Records pulled out their collective hats. Now thankfully reissued by affiliated label Music from Memory for those cursed with deep pockets but shorter arms.

It is, literally and figuratively, a real one off. Recorded in the Nashville area (spoiler, it’s not what you’d think of as an archetypal Nashville record) in the late 80s. It’s a politically charged slice of dub boogie with a tough new wave edge – very much of its time and somehow also completely out of it.

We get the two original versions from the 7″ – a single version and slightly longer NY dub. To sweeten the deal the cats over at MFM have added two fresh revisions. First up we get Russian rising star Lipelis‘ extended rub where he has smoothed it up and dubbed it out over 6 odd minutes making it sound somewhat like a Compass Point outtake – very tastefully done indeed!

Then Androo (check out his sick take on Frank M on Red Seal) has done a full remix, riding on a completely different pulse, spartan and HEAVY on the delay. A very authentic sounding reimagining and superb way to round off a superb package. Even those with the original vinyl will need this one!

‘Amerikan Dread’ is out mid-October on Music From Memory

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