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Test Pressing


The common strand running through the varied and disparate works of the ESP Institute is psychedelia. From the cannibalistic surf “toilet techno” of the Hands (a record that after 3 consecutive listens I still wasn’t sure if I liked or hated it but still wanted to go in for a 4th time), the meticulous ambience of Land of Light, or sleek missiles from Roman Flugel, these all are bound together by a common tripped out headiness.

And so to the 91st missive from the Institute by one Xinner, previously more noted for his expansive dub-techno excursions.  And this is indeed one deeply psychedelic piece of wax. Battle commences with ‘Dream Resonator’, glistening arpeggiation, evolving repetition and extremely nifty drums make this an absorbing trip for brain and body. The oblique label text states ‘Robotron is the machine formerly know as Xinner’, and whilst these syncopated algorithms feel automated, a human heart beats beneath, augmented by the later addition of those strings.

‘Ice’ is deeper, darker and, yeah, COLDER. More claustrophobic, edgy machine funk. A suitable counterpoint to the flip-side.

‘Dream Resonator’ is out NOW on ESP Institute

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