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Australia’s Ken Oath records is an interesting label doing interesting things. I really, really meant to review their previous release from Andy Rantzen, as it was sick, but life somewhat got in the way. Thankfully a new project has dropped from Freda & Jackson about whom I knew nothing to date. And it’s pretty pretty good!

This waaaaaay deep, trippy stuff… just about dance music but very soupy, psychedelic and aimed at your brain. A1 cut ‘Kendama’ chops up the breaks (it’s 2018 after all) but virtually buries them in a morass of dubbing. Around 3 minutes in a kick drum emerges from the fug adding a skanking lope to proceedings. A disarmingly pretty synth line sways around in the second half, meandering with a sitar (or what sounds like one). Stoner hardcore, or something….

‘Cubone’ also ambles around in the haze. Slower, more percussive and becoming increasingly strident as it progresses – still fairly wobbly though mind.

‘Platform 22’ is the most straight ahead of the tracks here, loosely playing with house tropes but still slathering them in vocal samples, hand percussion, disembodied vocals and building to an increasingly intense second half. Head nodding, eyes still drooping pleasantly.

‘Slo Mosely’ comes heavy with the dubwise vibes. Cavernous drum breaks echoing to infinity with a sweet nostalgic vocal… kinda very Café Del Mar / ‘trip hop’ (dare I even say??) vibe. With all that’s going on here Freda & Jackson do an admirable job of keeping the essential space present and correct.

All in all a very strong EP from these new(ish) artists and a very welcome addition to the Ken Oath canon of works!

Freda & Jackson EP is out soon on Ken Oath Records

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