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Test Pressing


We’ve been keeping a close eye on Androo here at Test Pressing (not in sinister, stalking way) so were excited to have received the first release on his own fledgling label. It’s called Poly Dance and kicks off with two formidable jams from the man himself.

The clever thing about young Androo is how he handles material that could be seen as traditional (congas / 707 (in times past) etc…) and take it forwards. This is beautifully produced, gently dubby, headnodding gear, but that description really does fail to do the end product any kind of justice.

POL001 opens its account with ‘Hanko‘ and, oh god, it’s just really fucking nice. Wonderfully spacious percussion with just the <right> amount of reverb and everything sits just so. Bass is warm and deeply, groovy and the playing confident but never showy. It’s like slipping on a particularly well fitting pair of trousers or something  – there’s an awful lot of skill at work here to make it so comfortable and effortless.

Flip the disc over and we have ‘Sync Dancehall’. As the name suggests this bobs along on dancehall pulse with a lovely fuzzy distortion about it, over which the gentle balearic synths slide and melt. Once again just really, really gorgeous stuff.

(The next release is excellent too, but we’ll save that for another time).

‘Hanko’ is out soon on Poly Dance records


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