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Test Pressing


A new Velvet Season and the Hearts of Gold remix is always something to make one sit up and pay attention. Joel Martin and Gerry Rooney are like the cool older kids at school with the most mind-blowing record collections and that super-classy touch.

Here they turn their talents to a proper old-school remix of Eva Geist on Hivern Discs. It’s an eerie, electronic siren song drawn out over nine minutes of slow burning tension. Despite being an exercise in delayed gratification and its low tempo, this has proved to be something of a leftfield dancefloor bomb, with both DJ Harvey and John Talabot rolling it out to delirious early morning crowds at Sonar. It’s got that hypnotic, teasing, sleazy groove you can just feel a crowd would lock in to at the right time and place.

This should come as no real surprise – despite Joel being able to ‘out Blue Note Gilles‘ and Gerry throwing down demented reggae pastiches at Plastic People (check this, probably one of my favourite mixes ever) – both also have a keen ear for those deeper, darker club moments. A deep rooted feeling for timeless dance music across the ages which you can hear loud and clear on this killer, killer remix.

‘Urban Monogamy’ is out now on Hiven Discs


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