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After a really, really great session in December with John Gomez, we’re back at Brilliant Corners for the first of our monthly Thursdays of 2019. Piers will be joined by a very special guest in the shape of Manchester’s Ruf Dug. And we can’t think of a more perfect setting for him to amply flex his full range of mind-blowing records. So get down early, enjoy some food and a drink, then a little dance later as the house lights go down and the disco ball comes on.

We asked Ruffy for five of his favourite ‘anythings’ and he came through with the goods in fine fashion and in a very Ruf Dug way. So, here are his top 5 Balearic video game tunes…

Tekken 2

The first time I took acid, I spent the last five hours of the experience playing Tekken non-stop with my mate Andy. Neither of us said anything at all. Must have played a few hundred games of it easy…

This is a find by my mate Watson from FYI Chris. He’s really deep into video game music and came and played with me once when I had a residency at Four Quarters (video game arcade in Peckham – Ed). The recording got made a Fact mix of the week. I nicked loads of tunes off his memory stick and this was one of them.


I was a Spectrum kid. Our games had much better gameplay but boy did I always look jealously at the C64’s sick graphics and filthy sound. Martin Galway (brother of James) was one of the best SID chip programmers around (shouts also Rob Hubbard, Jonathan Dunn) and Wizball’s prog epicness still envelopes me completely all these years later.

Donkey Kong Countrys

The graphics for DKC were so unbelievably next level that most ppl sort of ignored the killer soundtrack which pushed the SNES soundchip way beyond its limits.

Streets of Rage

The whole soundtrack is candidate for best ever. Yuzo Koshiro is a total don. Here he is doing Megadrive Soul II Soul with way more depth than just 16 bits.

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