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The Maghreban (aka Ayman Rostom) does NOT fuck about. His tracks are raw, direct and unfussy – and never more so than on this new EP on his own Zoot Records. We are super excited to be able to present a world premiere of  the video for ‘Effedi’ here at Test Pressing.

Untethered from the album format, he’s come out swinging with four cuts that set their sights firmly on the dancefloor. Much has been said about his relatively new arrival to house music but it really stands out how much of a hip-hop approach and attitude is brought to the table here. The Maghreban is a master at boiling a tune down to its essential components and then getting those elements to bang as hard as humanly possible.

And bang they do. Make no mistake, these are well produced tracks – from bare bones comes a huge, gnarly sound that keeps getting stronger and more developed. There’s something concussively cartoon-like about the expert sample manipulation here – ‘Rocky & Bullwinkle’ (see also previously ‘Dynamite‘) feels like an apt title.

I don’t want to get too verbose on this review as it would do this EP a misjustice. Just trust that these are four killer body-blows for you to deliver in the dance. From one of the U.K’s finest. GET IT!

‘Islands’ is out on 18th January via Zoot Records


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