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Test Pressing

Wot No 2018 Round Up?

SHRUG, Test Pressing,

I felt like I should write a quick post on why we haven’t done our end of year round up. One of the joys of doing Test Pressing is that we get to do what we want when we want and this year, perhaps towards the latter half, I honestly didn’t feel like doing much at all other than sitting in my studio and turning machines on. So I did.

Piers (and Laurence) have been wonderful at digging out ridiculous records and still being massively interested in new music, as well as keeping the site moving, and I can feel that joy of looking for amazing new (and old) things slowly coming back. I guess sometimes you have to get off the treadmill to get back into what you love to find your mojo again. It feels like that has naturally happened so I am looking forward to putting some proper time into the site again alongside Piers. Hopefully we’ll get a run at doing some of the daft projects that we discuss but we’ll see about that.

Anyway, the long and the short of it is we kind of didn’t get round to our end of year round up but this year it totally feels like game on. So, thanks for reading the site and I’m really looking forward to seeing what happens this year. It feels like the wild west again and time for anything goes… Good things will happen. Nice one and here’s to a great 2019 for you all, Paul / Apiento. x.

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