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Test Pressing


We’re very excited to have Brian Not Brian from Going Good joining us for the next Brilliant Corners session. To get you excited he’s given us “5 under the radar Irish nuggets from the left-field spectrum”.

Nigel Rolfe “Going Boeing” – 1986

Nigel Rolfe is easily one of the best known experimental artists from Ireland, and this track from his 1986 LP “Island Stories” is a dormant cosmic classic. This could easily have shown up on an “Elettronica Meccanica” mixtape back in the day. All those samples and radio snippets layered over these incessant and towering synths and stabs make for a heady concoction!

Operating Theatre “Spring is Coming with a Strawberry in its Mouth” – 1986

The label reads “executive produced by Bono”, but don’t let that put you off. This is not usually my sort of fare but I picked this one around a decade ago and I have developed a fondness for it. I guess it’s Indie, right? Whatever, the drums are super cavernous and it has a very catchy, uplifting quality. When I play it out someone always comes up and asks what it is. An interesting group rooted in the theatre and with NWW (& sadly, U2) connections.

Barry Warner “Losing Control” – 1985

Mid 80’s drum machine, dubbed out, sex & drugs electro from Barry who hails from Limerick. Totally killer and funky. This is like some lost lo-fi cousin of an early Tommy Boy release. Are those mangled dog barks? Who the fuck knows. Sounds mental, I love that. This one was recently comped by Dublin’s mighty All City crew on their “Quare Groove” comp from last year. Absolutely essential and big up those guys for putting together such an amazing collection of Irish music. Buy on sight!

Sunshine – “If This is Free (I Don’t Wanna Be)” – 1980

This is the closest thing to an actual Irish Disco record you’ll get I reckon. Almost like some back-street P&P type of feeling except it’s on a label from Dublin. It almost comes off like a basement version of Chic and this is not to do it a disservice at all, the musicians are on-point and the whole band is tight as, check that guitar solo! Proper dance-floor business right here, and on the Release Records label outta Parnell St which has one of the best logos ever. Wicked.

Stano – “White Field (In Isis)” – 1983

This one’s a killer. From John Denver Stanley aka Stano who had previously made quite a bit of noise early on in his career with Punk / New wave outfit The Threat. He moved into more improvised and experimental realms in the early 1980’s and collaborated with most of Ireland’s artists and musicians of that persuasion. “White Fields…” is a drum machine driven, swaggering, dubby Funk not Funk jam with cracking whip-like snare drums. This one gets inside your head, super heavyweight!

Test Pressing @ Brilliant Corners / Thursday 7th March / Brian Not Brian & Piers Soft Rocks

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