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Powder is a proper, proper DJ. She’s got that rare talent to take music that you may have listened to already and recontextualise it in some magical fashion to make it sound totally new and otherworldly. Her approach as a DJ (and producer) is to take things slow and draw you into a world of absorbing trippy sonics, painstakingly building and releasing tension and mood. It’s heavy on the organic sound palette, delicate and rather pretty.  As such this mix does lean on big tunes or dramatic moments and is 100% the better for it. Make no mistake though, this is music for dancing. As anyone who has heard Powder play at the wilder and more experimental dancefloors like Berlin’s Cocktail D’Amore knows she can send clubs upside down and inside out.

So, to business. This compilation is the first of a series of DJ mixes coming out of Tim Sweeney‘s NYC Beats in Space operation and it sets the bar pretty, pretty high. Powder has gathered together music from likeminded cohorts – Tornado Wallace, Samo DJ and Cos/Mes. Dug for some maybe overlooked contemporary releases – Tiago’s ‘Roy Brooks’, Vertigo’s ‘The Water Margin’ on Mysticisms (cough) and a couple of seeming US house outliers – Daphne! The Sun God! To this potent mix we get two exclusive new tracks from Moko herself in the shape of ‘Gift’ and ‘New Tribe’, the latter being one of the compilations heavier, more driving moments, immortalised in a suitably crackers video.

Suffice to say these are programmed and mixed to perfection, all adding up to one of the most satisfying DJ mixes I’ve heard recently. Only one question remains…. has she quit the day job yet? Go on Powder! We believe in you!

‘Powder in Space’ is out NOW on Beats In Space





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