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EDITS, eh? With the reissue label being the new edit label they feel somewhat the like unwanted step-child of nu disco. Which is WEIRD as whilst there is a wide world of wild, undiscovered and slightly off-key music out there, the edit is still a strong look. Especially at a time when it seems the younger listener is open to more outré sounds and most of the edits you see in the shops are crappy re-rubs of the obvious. Enter Duca Bianco ostensibly a shady set-up operating out of Rimini but with a global cast,  and the first two releases feel fresh, fun and open minded.

001 comes from Cherrystones and you just KNOW homeboy is going to come with something outta leftfield. And so it is. ‘Blood, Campari & Sand’ is a rollicking rock disco monster with a devil may care attitude. B-side lowers the tempo and ups the weird with ‘Meta Weta’.

002 be done by Tom Bolas one of the minds behind Berlin’s Dancing for Mental Health party and it’s a right hoot. Global disco funk jams that are going to set the dance floor alight.

A fine couple of opening salvos from an exciting looking new proposition. La modifica è tornata!

Duca Bianco 001 & 002 are out soon


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