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HAWKWIND, eh? To the untrained eye this might look like the most recherché release from Emotional Rescue to date. Dig a little deeper however and the pieces start to fall into place. These two tracks come after Lemmy’s departure / dismissal when the band’s psychedelic experiments took in more electronics and a space(ier) rock leaning. Already pretty ‘far out’ the tunes have also been wildly reimagined by fearless vinyl archaeologist and archivist Cherrystones and this, it would seem, is a pretty much perfect musical pairing.

He explains his process thusly…

‘This entire project was created using no stems, no multi tracks hence we did not use remix as a theme, these are re-works which I made via intense hacking at open sections in the songs whilst manipulating and treating those hard. The only parts added were the synth I played, added and re-chopped with a view to colour these re-imaginations. It was essentially making a new meal from the existing but adding and subtracting flavours to create a new essence, a new sensation and believe it, it was not easy which kept it exciting and close to me. By no means am I metaphorically adding a moustache to the Mona Lisa, I’m more to the point tickling her or poking my tongue out with a view to get a response or smile. Hurry on sundown so I can see your shadows dancing in the grassy lucid light.’

To which end the phased funkiness of ‘The Aubergine that ate Rangoon’ is given a more rigid motorik and cavernous rework. ‘pon the flipside the reflective ‘City of Lagoons’ is chopped and screwed into some kind space hip-hop opus. An excellent pair of excursions on this adventurous 73rd (CHRIST!) release from a maturing label.

‘Rangoon, Lagoons’ is out now on Emotional Rescue

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