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Test Pressing


I’m a very busy person so this may have to be brief. However do not mistake my brevity for indifference – this is a record worthy of your time, attention and money.

Coming at a time when it may be easy to think that the ‘reissue game’ is disappearing down a wormhole characterised more by obscurity than quality (noseharp concerto, recorded to wax canister, initial tape run of two), a couple of labels are coming with the goods. One being Midnight Drive who, not content with having released “the best record ever” (c/o Danny Psychemagik) in the form of Makers ‘Don’t Challenge Me’, now deliver a reissue of the only recording of Mappa Mundi. Consider that ante upped.

This is a real jawdropper. Recorded in 1990 and despite being labelled as ‘new beat’ and ‘ambient’ on Discogs that doesn’t come close to capturing the breadth of this record. Heavy atmospherics, weirdly prescient breakbeat usage, deeply, deeply tripped out and extended languidly across two luxurious slabs of wax. Full kudos to all involved here. The ball has been knocked out of the park. 17.5/10

‘Musaics is out soon on Midnight Drive.


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