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Test Pressing

QUE SAKAMOTO & NT / Uchuu Hikoshi (Apiento & Vyvyan mixes) / NOT AN ANIMAL

Madcap Geordie funsters Andy Bainbridge and Chris Stoker don’t play around with the releases on their Not An Animal label. The music seems to soundtrack those liminal dancefloor moments between night and dawn, day and dusk. Which is to say it’s narcotic at the very least. This 14th release comes from one Que Sakamoto – native of Japan but more recently treading the boards of the global DJ stage – and regular accomplice NT. And, were that not enough, it comes fully tricked out with a pair of nifty remixes from Apiento and Vyvyan. So to business…

‘Uchuu Hikoshi’ is lush and verdant, trading in the folky Japanese sound palette that has become something of a trademark for Que. This is harnessed to a sturdy mid-tempo disco chassis, complete with rollicking drum rolls and soaring synths, things could get emosh.

Next we go quite the other way. Apiento’s remix wears its heart on its sleeve – the ‘SE6’ mix – this is stripped down, bare bones, soundsystem gear. Breaks n bleeps to the fore – spaced out and spatial – one can say a lot with a little y’know? Recalling the finer moments of that Unique 3 first LP or those spartan early Warp records. It’s a sound that hasn’t aged and Apiento has captured it perfectly in its edgy fidgety glory. This is a different kind of dawn to Sakamoto’s, big bass bins rattling around a cavernous warehouse, and, yeah, I’m not sure I like the look of those “geezers’. There might be some paranoia seeping in with the daylight.

Flip the record over and we have ‘Kamakura’, which comes with a little more electronic wiggle in its hips before dropping into the ethno-trance soundscape. Vyvyan pumps things up with live sounding drums and a buzzsaw synth completing a ridiculously strong package from the Animals!

‘Uchuu Hikoshi’ is out on the 1st of April on Not An Animal records





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