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Test Pressing


TONE DROPOUT are on a roll! With most record shops struggling to keep their releases in stock, they’re back with a 7th volume of no-nonsense bangers precision engineered to damage dance floors. Here we get introduced to some new members of the family and are reacquainted with a few ole faves.

DAWL strikes back with NEBULON!

DAIF hits hard on SOBERMAN!

ASCOT/WW drop FIFA 98!

Like a Japanese soldier refusing to believe the war is over, ALPHONSE emerges from his West Country caravan, as yet oblivious to the outcome of the Criminal Justice Bill, and lays down DIRECT TRANSIENT!

Anglo-Australian heartthrob JAMIE BLANCO is welcomed to the fold with ACID DAMAGE!

Finally, inna Frankie Bones style, we get TONE BREAKS 3!

A release this BIG needs a party to celebrate and, yup, the boys, in conjunction with VINYL HUNTER, have got your back.

Early doors it’s RSSTL, Toby Tobias and ME laying down the street soul, boogie and reggae vibes. Later on the RAVE commences with Excelsior Ruth, Alphonse and Tone Dropout main men Sween & Dawl smashing it out thru till 5am. It all goes off down at Grow, in newly fashionable Tottenham.

Tone Dropout 7 is out now!

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