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Test Pressing

Mix 483 / Gilb'r

We’ve been hustling Gilb’R for a mix for quite. some. time. And suddenly! Here it is!

Whilst not the much heralded Bar Mitzvah mix-up this is still SUPERB stuff. In the words of Gilbert himself, “the concept was home listening records I bought recently, and records I rediscovered. All dubbed out my my crazy delay/oscillator pedal…” Headphones on, prepare to zone out.

We’re super happy to have this as Gilbert and his Versatile label have managed the nigh on impossible trick of being  exciting, unexpected and relevant over a 20 odd year period. A new Versatile release always makes you prick your ears up and you just need to check it. Gilb’r is a super versatile (boooom) DJ and producer working on all sorts of projects with all sorts of people. He’s also a very funny and charming man.

Full respect!


  • Monique Tuebosch – Love
  • Pascal Comelade – Pluie Japonaise
  • Sao-Paulo – Domedejja mosse
  • Sugar Blue – Dark and hungry
  • Robert Hollis – Christopher Swartz-Landmass
  • Sfumature – Gomma
  • Sylvain Kassap – The last drop
  • John Keliehor – Subcontinent
  • Esther Galil – Le cantique des Cantiques
  • Areski Belkacem et Brigitte Fontaine – Petit sapin
  • Hawkind friends and relations – Time center
  • Nubian M.O.B – Farway to go
  • Photek – Santigo
  • Aural exiter – Step back
  • Demon – Lil fuck(I:Cube mix)


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