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Test Pressing


Happy to share a special podcast with one of our favourite dudes, Jan Schulte (AKA Wölf Muller, AKA Bufiman) in conversation about a very special collaborative record he has made with some of the finest musicians of North East Africa.

Some words from Jan on this fascinating project…

“Time to share some very special music recorded in early 2016 with some of the most masterful musicians I have ever met. The Nile Project is a super band of master musicians from the whole Nile area and their intention is to inspire, inform, and connect Nile citizens to help them collaborate on cultivating the sustainability of their river.

Santuri East Africa’s David Tinning somehow managed for me to come to Aswan, Egypt, during the time of their rehearsals and luckily we were able to record some sessions… on mostly handmade and very special instruments and percussions, completely improvised.”
The Nile Project is out now on Nouvelle Ambiance 
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