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Test Pressing


To whet your appetite for the hotly anticipated Sound of Love International 002 compiled by dem Beautiful Swimmers, we’ve dropped a fat 12” sampler. On which Ari and Andrew shine a light on a couple of dance musics’ more interesting sub-genres.

On the a-side we have Foes – ‘Blow up Girl’ from the Baltimore club/house corner. This originally saw the light of day as part of Pimphouse All-Stars EP back in 1995. As is often the case with this rough and ready genre the original is somewhat notable for its brevity, as Baltimore club DJs favour a more quickfire, ghettotech style. The Swimmers have respectfully lengthened to fit in with a more sedate delivery. Make no mistake though, this cut BANGS HARD IN THE CLUB.

Flip the record over and we get a lush slice of street soul from Harlem Gem. In reality this sits about halfway between soul and garage house. A beautiful melancholic jam that has become increasingly hard to lay your hands on as street soul’s popularity increases amongst the heads. Free of the marmite swingbeat flavour that some people swerve, this is a particularly fine example and has easily crossed over into the sets of all kinds of DJs.

Pressed LOUD for club play. You really do need this!

‘The Sound of Love International 002’ sampler is out NOW!


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