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Test Pressing


To celebrate the forthcoming Beautiful Swimmers sound of Love International #2 compilation we are throwing a very special party in London on Sunday 26th of May together with Love International. And, yup, that is a bank holiday weekend. It’s going down at Giant Steps, the big brother venue to Brilliant Corners – if you’ve not checked it out yet, the place is pretty incredible. The sound system is fantastic, the vibe is very lofty, there’s an outdoor space to catch the sun and most importantly the music is going to be next level. Of course we’ve the Beautiful Swimmers in to play an extended set, but not only that, they’re doing a very rare vinyl only session. In support is ourselves (Apiento and Piers Harrison) and the party will run from 3pm until 10:30pm.

This is going to be a pretty unique environment to hear Andrew and Ari doing their thing on a mind-blowing, big audiophile rig. You can get your tickets over at Resident Advisor.

The Facebook event is here for more info.

Big tings

Beautiful Swimmers play Giant Steps on Sunday May 26th

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