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Test Pressing

Faze Action ft Zeke Manyika / Kubatana / FAR

It’s pretty hard to overstate the influence Faze Action have had over the years. When ‘In the Trees’ dropped it opened a door for me into a whole new world of music, and I’m a sure of lot of other people feel the same. Retrospectively they were miles ahead of the pack with 1998’s ‘Kariba‘ and it is to this territory they return for their latest single, ‘Kubatana’. Reunited once again with Zeke Manyika this is another irrepressible slice of afro house, here taking it’s pointers more from the currently voguish late 80s South African proto-house sound. What has always made Faze Action stand apart has been the fact Rob can really play, combined with Zeke’s iconic voice and Simon’s dance floor nouse, this is all just works so well.

Coming in a broad range of handy mixes, this is straight-up, unpretentious, dance floor fun and you’ll be hearing a lot of it over the coming summer and beyond. I can’t stop humming it….

Kubatana is out 24th June on FAR





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