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Well well well, two months after their first 12” as MATstudio, Amsterdam’s Jonny Nash and Suzanne Kraft return for another collaborative release through Jonny’s Melody As Truth label (hence the MAT). As with MATstudio1, MATstudio2 was born out of the countless hours the two spend working together in their studio, while experimenting with new processes, tools and ideas, in the pursuit of a personal musical language.

On the A-side, ‘The Perishable Imagination’, the duo explore melody as rhythm while experimenting with audio feedback and building mood and tension in the process, before deploying a groove and bassline that feels like it’s been beamed in from the bottom of the ocean. After some time in the dark depths, they return to the surface and the light. On the B-side, ‘Maybe This Is Something You Should Think About’, reverberant synth notes expand and contract against washed-out ghost rhythms, before giving way to impressionistic guitar figures. Underscored by distorted dub drums, they build to a crescendo of full-noise, before trailing off into the void.

For Jonny and Suzanne, MATstudio is about turning experiments. Rather than just turning up the dials, they’re trying things out, and creating a journey along the way, journeys which on this release, run close to the fifteen-minute mark on both sides. Fittingly, given the mood of the project and the music, MATstudio2 (and MATstudio1) has been pressed on transparent vinyl with a screen-printed PVC sleeve and a paper insert with hologram sticker. Give it a whirl and see where it takes you.    

Matstudio 2 is out now through Melody As Truth.

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