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Fourteen years after he made his recording debut alongside Ari Goldman as one-half of Italo-inspired house duo Manhunter, Brooklyn, New York producer and DJ Jason Letkiewicz (a man of many aliases) is releasing The Reflecting Pool, his first album under his own name.

In line with recent releases on Into The Light Records, The Reflecting Pool is a study in the shifting sonic hallways of 80s library music, private press new age albums, drawn-out long-form synthesiser compositions, and ambient music rendered as atmospheric music, an energy that haunts and charges a room. When I say haunts, I’m thinking along the same hauntological pathways explored by UK indie Ghost Box and some of the more dystopian ambient tapes on LA’s Not Not Fun label. And capped off with song titles like ‘The Kill Fee’ and ‘Out-Of-Body Experiences’, it very tempting to locate The Reflecting Pool within a gritty, but often beautiful cyberpunk dreamscape.

Very much a feature-length listen, Jason’s work on The Reflecting Pool is about short pieces communicating together to form a larger, complex and interlinked experience. I’d struggle to pull individual tracks out of this album for DJing or radio purposes, but when I listened to it after midnight while staring out a hotel window down into empty, foggy streets, it really hit the spot — one to take your time with.

‘The Reflecting Pool’ is due for release through Into The Light Records soon. You can pre-order it here.

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