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Well look here. That cultured gent Lexx has gone a whopped out a bit of the old album. And, like easing yourself into a finely tailored pair of slacks, you can tell from the outset that everything is going to be just right. As hinted by the singles ‘Hot Weather’ and ‘Too Hot’ (both included here) this collection of tracks walks a very classy line between the dub, soul and balearic spheres.

From the opening cut, ‘Deep Blue’ featuring Jonny Spencer (no, the one from Chicken Lips) Lexx sets out his stall. Heavy on the live instrumentation, ‘look no hands’ effortless production work and a refreshing reliance on actual radio length songs – not one cut on this LP runs longer than 5 minutes, with most clocking in around the 4 minute mark. Protracted studio noodlers and reluctant self-editors please take note.

‘Wave’ introduces us to the sterling vocal work of Ella Thomson and is a blissful neo-soul jam. Similarly sultry number ‘Eye 1-2’ with Zurich’s Asé rides a reggae pulse and is really, truly a thing of beauty. The LP closes out with a pair of staggeringly lush instrumental tracks in the shape of ‘Universal Prayer’ and ‘Eqanimity’. Lexx has mastered the use of space just perfectly.

Lexx was never going to let us down and this is a a proper, grown up, considered long player that we at Test Pressing cannot recommend enough. ‘Blue Lines’ for the balearic minded anyone?

‘Cosmic Shift’ is released on June 22nd on Phantom Island

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