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Test Pressing

Nancy Noise & Phil Mison @ Giant Steps This Weekend

Phil Mison, Nancy Noise, Giant Steps, Balearic

We try not to write about many events on Test Pressing (basically we’d get deluged) but this one has to be shared. This Saturday two of our favourite DJs are playing on one of our favourite sound systems at Giant Steps. Phil Mison & Nancy Noise are there from 4 and it is going to be pretty special. I could sit here and talk Cafe Del Mar, Spectrum, acid house, Ibiza ’87, Amnesia, Milk Bar and on but I have a feeling there’s no need. Personally I don’t get to see Phil playing dance records enough and he’s super great when he does so this will be ace. Doubling up with the always fun most balearic woman in dance music Nancy Noise and it really is game on. See you there.

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