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We gots Mr Tom Blip joining us down at Brilliant Corners for our next Thursday session this week. Tom runs the vibrant Blip Discs imprint which launched with a BANG with O’Flynn‘s debut record and has since steered a path through bass music, house and traditional African sounds. A new release is on the horizon that we can’t talk about just yet but we can tell you that it’s killer stuff. You may have also seen the witty t-shirts that have preceded it and give a little hint to its direction…

You want one don’t you? Well you can get your wish here.

Tom has given us 5 of his favourite grime instrumentals to give you a little insight to his musical mind…

“I have a real spot in my heart for early grime instrumentals. If you don’t like them because they sound like music made by 16 year old kids who’ve opened up fruity loops for the first time then that’s fine… but that’s also precisely why I like them.

 When you have little experience to go on as a producer you’re left with pretty much no choice but to innovate and be fearless. I think the early 2000’s grime white labels (the type you used to go buy down at the market) document something particularly special in the creative and learning process of young music producers from London. 

I teach a music technology class at my work (a high school) and it’s genuinely fascinating and really exciting for me as a teacher to hear what my pupils come up with when presented with a drum machine in Logic for the first time. The funny thing is…  even when my pupils aren’t trying to make ‘grime’ they end up making beats with so many similarities to the style. Coincidence?

NB: I’ve also included a couple more recent productions from some producers who I think have drawn a lot from the style.”

DJ Bossman – Bongo Eyes 2 (reversed)

Hindzy D – Target

Footsie – War

Pedro 123 – Slush

Pearson Sound – Piston

Tom Blip plays at Brilliant Corners on Thursday 6th June

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