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Gimme 5 / Christopher Galloway of Soft Rocks Picks 5 Top Nights Out

We have a rare London visitation from Christopher Galloway who will be joining us for our monthly session at Brilliant Corners. He’s a quarter of Soft Rocks and also the guy behind legendary record dealership Pure Pleasure Music. These days he looks after Kinfolk Records, Vibrations, Black Rox and the newly formed Sun Sea Sound imprint. In this Gimme 5 he remembers some classic nights out.

Boys Own – East Grinstead / 1989

Set overlooking a lake in an East Grinstead ‘dip’, this legendary one-off defined the times in late 80’s South-East England. Tickets were like gold dust and unless you knew one of the Boys Own crew you were unlikely to get one (although quite a few sneaked in). It was attended by a who’s who of DJs and faces who helped shaped the current and future UK club scene.

It was possibly the best and most diverse night of music I’d experienced in an open air setting outside of Amnesia. Everything from the Thrashing Doves’ ‘Sympathy For The Devil’ to the latest Italian house sounds were played. It was all massively aided by the fact that it didn’t piss down and me and my mates found a bag of e’s and a hundred quid by a haystack…

Final Session Of Queens / 1989/90

Queens was THE balearic club outside of London. Situated on a site overlooking the Queen Mothers reservoir in Colnbrook, it became a Sunday lunchtime institution for many on the Berkshire / Middlesex / West London axis. Phil Perry and Charlie Chester managed to get all the best UK DJs of that time to play there along with some of Ibiza’s finest like Alfredo. 

On the last day/night a lot of the club’s favourites were played by a host of the best loved DJs. I remember Andrew Weatherall finishing off with the Rolling Stones’ ‘You Can’t Always Get What You Want’ – as most people didn’t want to the club to finish I guess that was very poignant.

Tony Humphries At Shoom / 1988?/89

A bit of a cheat here as these were 2 parties. This being pre-internet, I knew nothing of Tony Humphries at this point. I had only heard rumours of his Zanzibar nights and mixing abilities – which in these early years of ‘acid house’ were still something we were yet to appreciate. Danny Rampling must’ve been a long-term fan of The Hump to have made the booking . Musically diverse, impeccably mixed and played to one of the best crowds, it was an incredible night that got repeated with another appearance later in the year.

Although it’s a distant memory and people exaggerate tales of Shoom, anyone who ever went, talks about it with same enthusiasm, passion and reverence, and there’s a reason for that… It was second to none.

Richie Hawtin At Sabresonic / 1996

Sabresonic was Andrew Weatherall’s first foray into a solo regular club night. A weekly Friday affair that saw his diverse tastes catered for. Punters got to hear sets from legends such as Adrian Sherwood through to burgeoning new talent in the form of Iggy Pop’s lovechild / Fat Cat supremo and wingman Alex Knight. 

Many nights were the stuff of legend but the first time Richie Hawtin played there it was literally jaw dropping – he was playing at a technical level that blew our minds. Double spin-backs, volume trickery and the best music of the time (e.g Slam ‘Postive Education’ / Dave Clarke ‘Red 2’).

He finished with this… What a night. What a tune.

Soft Rocks At Precious Hall / 2012

On a more selfish note DJing with Piers as Soft Rocks at this legendary, almost mythical venue, in Sapporo Japan needs to be included. Without doubt the best DJing experience I have (to date) ever had. Attention to detail on a level that you rarely see in a club. Exceptional sound, venue, crowd and a gig playing from 9pm til 6am playing whatever we wanted. If you ever get a chance to experience the place PLEASE do, it’s guaranteed to be unforgettable.

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