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Test Pressing

CZ Wang / Neo Image / Just Off Wave / Mood Hut

Mood Hut’s last few releases have been starry-eyed ambient(ish) floaters but here they return to the (emotional) banger with a bang. This is the smart persons big tune and make no mistake about it. You might have heard the a-side ‘Just Off Wave’ before due to the old accidental marketing mistake of the misplaced CDR, and you’d be sure to remember it as it’s catchy as heck. Blessed with languid, blunted call and response vocals from the Separated At Birth crew this is hip-house, but not as you know it. This is one of those records that will bring together a crowd, keying into those shared moments of communal euphoria that turn a night of music into one of magic.

Were that not enough, Wang and Image throw down a kinetic, dynamic beat track on the b-side for those who like to get busy in the mix. Or, as we’re told has happened at Mood Hut parties before, for the brave to jump ‘pon the mic and freestyle. What we have here is two indispensable tracks for all kinds of DJs and all kinds of parties. This gets the FULLEST support from Test Pressing.

‘Just off Wave / Open Mic Beat’ is out September 13th on Mood Hut


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