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Test Pressing

Apiento / 08_09 Reviews Round-Up

Space Drum Meditation, Review, Test Pressing, Acid, Techno, Mix

It’s been a busy few months as we’ve been working on a load of stuff (more on that soon) so there is quite the back log of reviews tbh. Martyn and Piers will do some as and when but here’s some bits that have been making me pretty happy of late. First up…

Space Drum Mediation

Space Drum Meditation, Review, Test Pressing, Acid, Techno, Mix

Honestly if you can’t like a record called Space Drum Meditation you’re a bit fucked really aren’t you… This is a four tracker and god knows how we got on this list tbh (and I’m also not sure if it’s coming out on vinyl which is pretty much a requisite of a review from us) but its pretty nice electronic spacey sounds with lots of phase and nice drum programming. ‘Polar Peak’ is a snappy little number with deep melodies. ‘Chatter’ has a ‘get up’ sample and bangs along at a pretty pace and arrives somewhere between 90s techno and future garage. ‘Grapes’ is right up my street at the minute. Weirded out male vocals and fucked up synths pinging away over a messed up beat, totally suiting my frame of mind, all bending over an ambient soundbed. Last track ‘Dance Of The Snake’ is warm techno. Nice release.

Next up…

Payfone ‘Last Night In Sant Celoni’ (Leng)

last night in sant celoni, phil passera, payfone, leng, claremont,

So here we have our mate Phil Passera with a new track on Mudd & Simon’s Leng label. Phil is a top man. Last time I saw him for lunch he’d bought a funny shaped DVD boxset of Columbo (I laughed and he said “who doesn’t like Columbo???”), told me about one of his schemes and also about this new record. What this illustrates is that Phil Payfone see’s things from different directions to most. And he likes analogue synthesizers so his records always sound super nice. So here we have a balearic track from a slightly different perspective.

This one has vocals by Jaz James and Lumdilla Rodriguez who tell a bilingual love story. For me it wins as the first english sung lines in the song say ‘On the streets of Sant Celoni, I’m unafraid of being lonely’ and if you can’t smile at that then I don’t know what to do. In Flagranti handle remix duties in a fine almost Euro pop stylee… V nice.

Fantastic Man (Kitjen Records)

Fantastic Man, Kitjen, Mick, Test Pressing

Boom. I like this. It’s like super clean but Mick Fantastic Man has a stlye that is all his own. Rolling electro sounds with nicely messed up and delayed synths and proper drums. In fact all his sounds are proper. It’s probably why it all feels so good. If you like “club music” (loosely and very much in inverted commas) the first track ‘Sola Surfing’ is one of those perennial records that you’d find yourself always having with you as you can’t go wrong with it. The energy is super nice and up but it’s got nothing that leaps out and ruins it… Messed up vocals arrive and work perfectly. It’s class.

‘Native Power’ is the next track. More upbeat. More electro. Light on the drums and a nice sound. Pretty simple grooved out acid business and a vocal line and again one you can just play and play. Last track ‘Avocado Conception’ drops the tempo and keeps it weird (the label say its nostalgic but I can’t hear that – maybe its the syncopated synth line). Again the beats and bass are pretty nice and tight and it rounds the record off perfectly. No clips on this one but have a dig about and you’ll find something am sure. It’s out mid-September and Mick if you read this can you do us a mix please. Danke.

Gilb’r ‘Lord Of The Basics EP’ (Versatile)

Gib'r, lord of the basics EP, review, Gib'r, lord of the basics EP, review,

This one is straight out of the ‘me having tons of fun in my studio’ school. It’s messed up, banging in places and has some killer tracks on it. As he / they say ‘exploring many sides, from late night techno to West Indies non sense vocals, from dubby/moody sounds to ambient scapes.’ I like this stuff a lot. No need to over analyse when the music is like this as it’s one of those releases someone will pull a track from in a years time and you might wish you’d picked it up. Stand out track for me is ‘Le Zouk De Crepsule’ which has some twisted African vocals, delays and a wicked little dark groove. Proper. Here’s ‘Le Zouk’ to check…

Black Bones No.6

Black Bones, 6, Bootleg, Edit. Belfast,

I can’t find snippets of this up anywhere either so I’m just going to send you to the Black Bones website where they post top records and stuff they like. It’s like an old school blog in a really good way. And our mate Mark from Belfast (home of the Black Bones) was telling us that older Black Bones is one of the finest house DJs he’s ever heard so if anyone has proof on this one send it over. Anyway, on another note here’s Black Bones No.6. More party edits from Belfast quarters. Some tracks you may know but never quite sounding like this. An edit of a certain William Orbit males me think this 12 will fly. As with all their edits they spot a section, string out the good bit and let it run. Kind of obvious though there’s talent in these twelves. This whole EP has a bit of a new beat feel and obviously we like that. So as ever, its fine stuff and well worth checking…

Dazion ‘A Bridge Between’ (Second Circle)

Dazion, second circle,

Just get this for the track ‘Dad Forgot The Dishes’ which raises the question does Dazion live at his dads or was his dad just visiting and left his plates in the sink? Anyway, this is my favourite track on the EP but we had Kejeblos over on the weekend and he was singing the praises of the first track ‘Eu Ñao Sei’ so obviously there is something for everyone on this one. Out now.

That’s it for now. Back soon as I need to do another part of this as there’s so much good stuff right now. Irie.

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