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As far as I’m concerned, great music creates or evokes a mood. When you talk about evoking a mood, on some level, that usually means capturing the spirit of the time and place it was written and recorded. That’s precisely what Anatolian Pop quartet Grup Doğuş’s self-titled album from 1975 does.

The sons of a jazz musician father, brothers Tufan (organ) and Muhittin Aydoğan (bass) formed Grup Doğuş with Koray Dikmen (drums) and Sedat Ürküt (guitar) in 1974, after immigrating from Turkey to Germany as guest workers. Grup Doğuş means “rising”, and surely enough, after spending a spell performing in nightclubs around Munich, they had the opportunity to record a one-take album for release on cassette.

Long forgotten, the Ironhand Records reissue of Grup Doğuş collects a remastered selection of eight tracks from that session, paring them with a collection of previously unseen photography and English/Turkish-language liner notes. Song by song, evocative guitar work and Hammond solos slide against ornate, energised drum grooves and warm flowing bass lines, serving as a lush backdrop for Tufan’s yearning vocals, re-illuminating their raw re-framing of Anadolu Pop repertoire penned by major figures like Barış Manço, Cem Karaca, Üç Hürel, and Selda.

Grup Doğuş is out now on 12″ vinyl through Ironhand Records (buy here)

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