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Test Pressing

J Chrysalis / A Kind Robin / Blank Mind

Blank Minds thoughtful releases are quietly carving out a niche in the world of intelligent, experimental dance music. This double header from the increasingly heralded J Chrysalis feels both like a natural progression and, maybe, a step-up. For this is deadly stuff – a precision handling of meticulously crafted elements and sneaky upending of the conventions of the genre. This feels loose but is as accurate as a surgeon’s scalpel.

A-side ‘A Kind Robin’ is six odd minutes of wirily funky, nagging elements chirruping and weaving around syncopated rhythms. Its hook line is some kind of modulating incomplete arpeggio that worms its way into your very noggin. It all builds to a kind of anti-breakdown focusing on the militant phasing hi-hats, two note bass pulse and aforementioned synth. This is ‘little t’ trance at its very best. Already picked up by Ben UFO and used correctly this is sure to be a stick of slow burning dance-floor dynamite.

‘Pon the flip lies ‘Latent Space’ which eschews the 4/4 for a heavier, stepping syncopation. This is coupled with wilder, more expressive (even aggressive) synths, adds up to a more forthright development of the themes set out on the other side of this piece of wax. Edgy stuff for these somewhat edgy times in which we find ourselves.

 ‘A Kind Robin’ is out on the 7th of October on Blank Mind

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