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Test Pressing


In which Apiento (of this parish) and super-producer Alex Tepper take on the new outing from Rogue Cat Sounds, the results of which are both beguilingly smooth and satisfactorily weighty. Like being punched in the face by a heavy iron fist wearing the most sumptuous of velvet gloves. The pair have taken the original version’s melange of Art of Noisesque vocal samples and balearic atmospherics and welded them to a speaker worrying bottom-end that manages to evoke both Sade and the heaviest of sound system music. There’s a definite sense of menace from that nasty-ass bass line that plays a sexy game of good cop / bad cop with the breathy top line.

The whole things glides luxuriantly yet forcibly through an extremely sick synth solo ,that I found myself wishing would go on for at least twice its length, to a classy and satisfying conclusion. A clever melding of the old new, the rough and the smooth, the gossamer light and the reassuringly dense.

‘Pon the other side we are treated to a more uptempo rub from NYC legend Justin Strauss and Throne of Blood mainstay Max Pask. Laser-guided synths lead us through a cosmic disco romp sure to do the business on all kinds of dance floors. Top package – top tip!

‘Listen to the Music’ is out NOW on Rogue Cat Sounds

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