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We have one Toby Tobias joining us at Brilliant Corners this week. We asked him to give us 5… he complied.


I thought I’d write about 5 key “happenings” in my teenage life that ultimately led me towards a life of music making and collecting. All these moments have stuck with me and definitely had an influence in my musical direction. Luckily they have been preserved online by the wonders of YouTube so I can share these memories with you. It’s been fun to delve into the lost archives of my mind to see what I could dig up!

1. Madchester Documentary 1990

Thought I’d start with this one – as discovering it on YouTube kicked off the theme for this thread. When I watched this on Granada TV at the time, I was beginning to get sucked into the sounds of acid house, and the life that went with it – but was fairly inexperienced with actual raves. Watching this and the scene at the Hacienda at 11 minutes – the kind of tribal union of dancers in the smoke – that moment talked to me in a big way. I knew that was where I wanted to be. The rest of the documentary is also ace – check the Guy Called Gerald in Detroit segment near the end.

2. Grooverider Eclipse 6

I’m doing you a favour here as there many Eclipse cassette mixes including LOADS of Grooverider ones. But this one, for me, was very special and maybe a good one to start with.

A family holiday at Centre Parks in Thetford when I was 15. I was a little bored and didn’t really want to be there if I’m honest (sorry mum and dad ). I was having a sneaky doobie by the lake on my own and met a guy in the very same situation as me .We got  talking and quickly became ‘ holiday buddies’. Sharing spliffs, talking to girls – basically having a bromance . He had this cassette and it became the theme to the holiday, in fact at the end he gave it to me and I listened to it until I lost it  few years later. But the tunes and the MC were ingrained in my mind  and so when one day a couple of years ago I was listening to this on Mixcloud – and the MC piped up! It was that moment I knew this was the special cassette that had helped start it all for me. So, Alex from Bognor – if you’re reading this – I salute you sir!

I am STILL trying to ID the tune at 13 mins if anyone knows.

3. Dance 91 Pickets Lock Rave

The Pure Organisation organised these raves since 1990 . Dance 90 (can’t remember where ) was maybe my first but this one was a real adventure – in the deepest North London, in a sports centre, with a killer line up! (The Prodigy live?!) We actually won the tickets on Colin Dales kiss show which was a bonus.

It’s really funny to watch – and I think the pingers were particularly good at this one ….

4. The Shamen – Entact

There were 5 albums around this period that got major rotation: Ride – Nowhere,  Stone Roses, Ozric tentacles – Erpland, Breaks Bass and Bleeps Volume 1, and this, The Shamen – Entact.

This was one of the the first albums I bought on the fairly new CD format (the first time I heard dance music in digital glory) and when my dad bought a brand new state of the art hi fi. This combination of innovation in technology, combined with a period of musical self-discovery and adding this amazing album into the mix, created a perfect synergy which had a huge effect on me. Hearing sub-bass frequencies clearly and so well produced in our living room was a real eye opener. This album had all the ethos of acid house but produced by a talented band who obviously had access to a very professional studio They also had an ear for a more spacious and deeper trancey sound as well as their better known, more commercial, crossover dance direction.

5. Colin Faver DEMODAT pressure

This was a section of Colin Faver’s show that invited listeners to send in a demo cassette. As a regular listener this definitely inspired me to realise that maybe I could do this. Luckily my best bud Steve at the time was making hip hop on an S-50 sampler – he also was a big horror film fan and had amassed a big arsenal of samples. I convinced him to make some of this music with me. We got 3 tunes together and sent them to Colin and lo and behold he played one of them! It was a great feeling and that’s where the button tweaking began…

This is the track that got played. More importantly Colin Discovered a lot of amazing music in this section – including one Richard James – who sent in his track Didgeridoo. The rest, as they say, is history. “The sound of the future ” as Colin predicted at the end of the show.

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