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Here’s the latest one from Second Circle, Indonesian outfit Zatua’s debut album Sin Existencia, a supremely well-managed blend of psychedelia, live improv, and electro-boogie, sung in no less than three languages – French, Spanish and Asturian.

Led by Indonesian DJ and producer Dea Barandana, Zatua first performed together in 2017, mounting a last-minute performance for the Goethe-Institut in Jakarta after a week of rehearsals. Building on Barandana’s solo compositions, Harsya Wahono, Adra Karim, Rafi Muhammad, and vocalists Carmen Caballero Fernández and Sasha Sabrina assisted him in expanding his minimalist melodic ideas into muscular live jams.

Running a palette spectrum from 70s/80s Indonesian psychedelica to more contemporary drum machine music, Sin Existencia‘s seven songs gently bubble up from an avant-garde space, unfolding into a gorgeous strain of jazz (but not jazzy) psych-electro which reminds me of Bill Laswell, Genji Sawai and Midori Takada’s robofunk experiments on Sowaka (1984).  Two particular highlights are the sprawling, cosmic synthscapes of ‘Nun Vuelas Mas’ and the intoxicating b-boy ready bounce and shuffling handclaps of ‘Rubber Elite.’

SIN EXISTENCIA is out 28 October in LP vinyl format through Second Circle (pre-order here)

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