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Test Pressing

2015 End Of Year Review / Diego Herrera

Diego Herrera is Suzanne Kraft and Dude Energy whose records featured repeatedly in our End Of Year Review. He`s also a member of L.A.`s Pharaohs whose excellent “Rinse Dream” falls into that category of “Slept On” and who have a wonderful remix of BAR about to land on Italic.

Top 5 Records Of The Year (no order)

Rings Around Saturn / Rings Around Saturn

Test Pressing, Dr Rob, End Of Year Review, Diego Herrera, Suzanne Kraft, Pharaohs, Dude Energy

PLO Man / Stations of the Elevated

Ajukaja & Andrevski / Looking For Something That’s Not There

DJ Guy / Basf Ferro

Jordan GCZ / Lushlyfe

Favourite Album

Jonny Nash / Exit Strategies

Record That Was Slept On

GB / GBEP444