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2015 End Of Year Review / Joakim

Just ahead of a chat with Joakim about the “Dancing Is A Visible Action Of Life” mix series that he`s kindly sharing with us, we asked the NYC-based, Parisian DJ / Producer / label owner for his pick of 2015`s releases.

Top 5 Records Of The Year

Levon Vincent / Self Titled LP

Errorsmith & Mark Fell / Photogravity

Kendrick Lamar / To Pimp A Butterfly

Jonathan Fitoussi & Clemens Hourriere / Five Steps

Mariah / Utakata No Hibi

That’s a reissue but it`s too good.

Favourite Album

Oneohtrix Point Never / Garden Of Delete

Record That Was Slept On

Maestro / Mountains Of Madness

OK, I`m being partial here