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Test Pressing

August 2014 / Releases

I thought it was gonna be quiet. These are all in the shops.

Honeyblood / Drowsy / Fat Cat
“Circumstance likes to dick around.” Both sides of this are great. I love the way the A-side stops, starts and plays with rhythm and expectation, but this one reminds me of My Bloody Valentine, and I`m currently in a My Bloody Valentine cathartic noise frame of mind. Less chops than Warpaint, but stronger songs.

Colin Potter / Roof Tops / Sacred Summits
Brilliant Lo-Fi high art experiments in Classical Minimalism and Systems Music from the Nurse With Wound collaborator. First time on vinyl. The “York Minsters” are the ones, but I couldn`t find them on Youtube. Big thank yous to Dr Smith and Stuart. The screen printed sleeve has to be seen (but not touched) to be believed.

Ensemble Economique / Your Lips Against Mine / Denovali
More Shoegaze revivalism. Blame Tempelhof and them re-introducing me to Slowdive.

DJ Spun / Make Me Save The Day / Stilove4music
Cheesy? Someone once said don`t fear the cheese. I think this is going to work. Thank you to Mark E.

Minoru Muraoka / Soul Bamboo / Superfly
Tough drummed spiritual Jazz and Easy-Listening from the legendary shakuhachi player. Revived by Now Again and in a limited repress on Superfly.

August 2014 / Releases

Brazilian Shakedown
(You can listen to clips here /
Edits and re-versions by Brazilian DJs (Marcio Vermelho and Thomash from Sao Paulo, Carrot Green from Rio), the package completed by a cover illustration from Porto Alegre-based artist Daniel Eizirik. 100 BPM “Ethno Beats”. Accordion-led Sertanejo, Caipira, Forro, Xote and Baiao that could water dance with Jan Schulte. Steae de Mare with added kick. Sergio Mendes in a Tuareg. Music For Dreams lost in a Moorish bazaar.

The Relatives / Leave Something Worthwhile / Ever Soul
Recorded sometime between 1971 and 1975, but not issued until 2009. First time on a 7.

Orgone / Don`t Stop / Colemine
Modern modern Soul from and for 2014. The flip is a Moog-filled Afro-tinged instrumental.

Brief Encounter / Human / Soul Jazz
Soul Jazz enter the Soul reissue market with a 7 currently only available from their shop and site. Jazzman watch out.

Tabu Ley Rochereau / Haffi Deo / Soundway
I thought this wasn`t due until September, but there are a few copies out there now. Both sides are great. This one like a “housed up” WITCH. Soundway also have two really interesting LPs from My Panda Shall Fly and Fumaça Preta ready for release.

Ptaki / Jak Ptaki / Very Polish Cut Outs
Edan-esque sampledelia, with the drums giving old DJ Shadow a run for his cash.

? / Around The Bend / Universal Cave
Sounds like America to me, but only the Aficionado`s really know this stuff.

Boban Petrović / Zajedno Srećni / Disco Not Disco
Re-issue of an impossible to find solo LP by Serbian musician Petrovic. Made under personal stresses, as the former Yugoslavia descended into civil war in the mid `80s, the album is called “Zora” which means “down”, and apart from this track it’s a pretty heavy trip. Re-issued by Belgrade label Disco Not Disco. I got my copy from The Growing Bin.

Bell Towers / Love Chain Reaction / Ruf Kutz
Rohan and Ruffy do the Pet Shop Boys` “Domino Dancing”, making them sound more like Real Lies coming down on a beach full of beautiful strangers.

Nana Love / Hang On / BBE
I think there was a fight over this record between Kon & Amir / BBE and Frank Gossner / Voodoo Funk a while ago. The double LP is out now on BBE, and I hope everyone, including Nana is happy.

Batsumi / Moving Along / Matsuli
Deep African (Soweto) Jazz on Matsuli. Everything Matsuli do is worth picking up. They might be pricey but the pressings, sleeves and notes, are always amazing.

Deers / Bamboo / Lucky Number
Sometimes you just need a bit of loud bubblegum trash, to give yourself a kick up the arse and annoy the neighbours. Currently rocking the traffic jams in Karuizawa.

Studio 22 / Dune / Mondo
Look out for the Luminodisco LP from one half of Studio 22 forthcoming on Hell Yeah! I love the way the artwork for this series is unfolding.

Los Gaiteros De San Jacinto / Dub De Gaita / Khaliphonic
Sherwood. Buy on sight.