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Test Pressing

Boris Blank / Electrified

According to the press release “Electronic music godfather Boris Blank has 20 days to raise just over 22 grand to finance the release of his ‘Electrified’ box set.”

‘Electrified’ is a collection of soundtrack work from Boris Blank, the co-founder, alongside Dieter Meier, of Yello. The limited edition box-set contains 3 hours (58 tracks) of unreleased music spanning 5 decades, from 1977 to 2014, presented across four formats; there are 3 vinyl LPs (180gm), a metal-tape audio cassette, a double CD, and a DVD of 12 films and animations. The music covers new pieces written this year plus ‘Rote Fabrik’, from the 1977-83 archive, which includes the building blocks of the seminal Yello albums “Solid Pleasure “and “Claro Que Si”. The package is completed by a 36-page booklet of photographs and biography.

You can listen to excerpts on Soundcloud, and find out more about the project on Kickstarter

I don`t think you need to pitch in for the whole lot, and that instead you can pick which piece (s) you are interested in.

Yello and Boris Blank should need no introduction, but here are 10 “Balearic” reasons why you might consider making a pledge.